Cape San Blas has been voted Best Beach by Dr. Beach, and for those who have visited the cape once, or who keep coming back, this gorgeous place never disappoints. Its natural beauty can’t be compared to anywhere else, with soft sugar white sand, lush green dune plants, wildlife galore, and a secluded, laid back feel.

From sunsets and beaches, to birds, dolphins, and twisted, salt-battered pines, Cape San Blas is rich with natural beauty.

Wether you're on the beach during the day, or take a sunset walk, Cape San Blas has one of the best beaches in America!


On a typical stroll down the coast, you'll see all sorts of birds on land and in the surf, searching for their next meal. If you're lucky, you might even see large Brown Pelicans dive into the waves for fish!

Palm trees dot the dunes and road on the cape, which give a tropical island feel. You can also find shells, starfish, and other treasures washed up from the Gulf of Mexico!


While many birds can be seen on the beach, larger birds such as Snowy Egret and Tricolored Heron can frequently be found in St. Joseph Bay and the marshy areas on the other side of the cape.

No matter what you see or do during your stay, one thing is sure: you can't beat the natural beauty of Cape San Blas.