Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom – Also, see toiletries. Anti-bacterial soap is available at each bathroom sink. Hair dryers are in the bathroom cabinets (please do not accidentally take these home with you). Please be aware that the house is on a septic tank, not sewer and be mindful to avoid flushing feminine products, baby wipes, etc.

Beer – Both Scallop Cove and Cape Trading Post have a good array of domestic and imported beers. Scallop Cove is “Growler Central” for local brews, primarily Oyster City Brewing. Scallop Republic serves beer on tap with live music.

Cleaning Products -- We provide two laundry pods, two dishwasher pods, dishwashing liquid, one sponge at the kitchen sink and anti-bacterial handsoap at each bathroom sink.

Coffee -- We have both Keurig and drip coffee makers. Please bring your own standard coffee filters, if you are going to have drip coffee. Both Scallop Cove and Cape Trading Post have coffee, filters, creamers, sweeteners, etc. They also sell coffee, as well as the little ice cream shop next to the Cape Trading Post (it’s not Starbuck’s, folks…).

Food Storage/Tupperware – We provide and re-stock the sealed contains twice per year for leftovers and use during your stay, but they tend to grow legs and disappear, especially around scallop season (please don’t take our containers hope with your seafood).

Grill – There is a two-burner Weber Spirit II propane grill which is newly replaced each December. The elements are super tough on grills, so we do the best we can to be sure you can grill while there. Propane is provided and the cleaners check it each turn. Should you run out during your stay, there is a spare, but please don’t put the replacement tank on, until you completely run out.

Kayak – The tandem kayak (and paddleboard) is Gulf or bay worthy. It is very heavy, so please consider the surf and weather conditions before you haul it to the beach, as it cannot remain overnight due to the “Leave No Trace” Ordinance in Gulf County. You can put it on the kayak cart and pull it to the beach boardwalk or you can take it on the golf cart or in your vehicle. If you want to take it to the beach using the golf cart, be sure you have the golf cart in the driveway with room to maneuver. Lower the back seat and place it on the golf cart cross-wise. Carefully drive to the beach boardwalk, while holding them. Do not put it on the golf cart roof. We do have several Gladys Kravitz in the neighborhood and they will call me the minute you do it! Then you will get a frowny face for your visit. If you are going to the bay, you will need to have a truck or SUV to transport them back to the public access at the rocks/stumphole (the curved area right as you come onto the Cape) or you can take it to the State Park and launch it from that beach area. ALWAYS wear life jackets, as the wind/current can quickly take you away from the shore and THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD

Kitchen -- The kitchen is amply stocked with just about everything you need to sustain cooking for your time with us. However, if there is some obscure device you absolutely need or your vacation will be a bummer, please reach-out to us to confirm in advance. Appliances include: Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator with ice maker, wine cooler, griddle, panini maker, Ninja blender, toaster, electric can opener, tea brewer, crock pot, small fryer.  Large stock pots (but just get Skully's for your low-country boil), soup pots and lids, frying pans, baking pans, muffin pan, pizza pan.

Linens -- We provide bath towels, hand towels and bath cloths for each guest. There are make-up cloths (clearly labeled in each bath) to help us avoid stains when removing make-up. Each bed will be made with clean sheets and bedspread, pillows and pillowcases. There will be a few kitchen drying cloths. WE DO NOT PROVIDE BEACH TOWELS. Keep in mind, if you are a picky-pillow-person (like me!), you will likely be happier to BYOP. 😊

Live Events/Music – In addition to our Facebook page announcing events, you can check-out the following establishments’ Facebook pages for live music/events: Scallop Republic, Haughty Heron, Shipwreck Raw Bar and the St. Joe Center for the Arts.

Maintenance – We pride ourselves on keeping everything properly maintained during “owners’ block” periods, but just like your home, things break and/or wear out. We will do everything within our control to avoid maintenance during your stay. Still, we also have to coordinate with the schedules of multiple providers, so sometimes it happens that someone needs to be on-site to take care of something. We will let you know in advance of those times. If something goes wrong during your stay, just reach-out and we will take care of it.

Paddleboard – see Kayak notes.

Paper products -- We provide one roll of toilet tissue for each of the 4.5 bathrooms, one roll of paper towels. We do not provide plastic wrap, aluminum foil or Zip-loc bags.

Pool – We are big on pool safety, so please be sure you read the wall signage and signs at the pool to ensure the safety of everyone in your party. Designate a water guardian to avoid a tragedy. There are no lifeguards. Varying sizes of life jackets are available, but ensure it is rated for the size/weight of the swimmer. Keep pool gates closed at all times. Do not prop gates open. The pool is serviced twice per week, weather permitting. If you have an issue with the pool during your stay, please notify us and we will call the pool servicers to come take a look. The pool is heated for a fee November – April. We are in the process of switching out all pool furniture to Polywood, but due to backorders, we have some temporary furniture in place that is not the quality we would prefer. Thank you for your patience as we are all impacted by manufacturing and shipping delays right now.

Toiletries – We do not provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, or lotions. Too many allergies and sensitivities to consider, so please bring your own or purchase them locally. We provide anti-bacterial soap at each sink.

Trash – We provide two kitchen trash bags to get you started. The bathroom waste baskets will have a trash bag in them. Trash pick-up is seasonal and you will be notified of the designated day(s). You must put the trash at the street the night before, because it runs early. Everything must fit in the cans. You cannot leave items sitting on the side of the street, as the trash service is crabby and will not pick them up, then we are charged by the HOA to pick it up, then we deduct that from your damage deposit. Sadly, there is no recycling on the Cape.

Wine – Both Scallop Cove and Cape Trading Post have a moderate selection of wines. Scallop Republic has a modest selection of wines (they primarily serve beer on tap).